About us

At MCC, we have been committed to the world of rallying for over 25 years. During this time, we have completely full rebuilds / restorations, thousands of hours on maintenance and servicing, and participated in numerous international rally’s. 

All of our work is committed to be period-correct, regardless of the cars’ origin. This is at the very core of our business; to build cars that are historically correct, upgraded by today’s materials and knowledge, increasing their durability, reliability and usability. By doing this, we have helped many customers to realise their special automotive dreams.

With regard to our work for Maturo Cars, all our in-house developed parts are period-correct and comply with FIA HTP regulations whilst benefiting from modern production techniques and material specifications. This means that work is confirmed to be exactly like that of Lancia’s factory Group A WRC team.
Our Lancia 037 rebuild will soon follow…


Frank van Ganzewinkel
Founder & Head of Engineering

“The thing I like to do the most in my work, which is also the most challenging, is the R&D process. The cars that we build do not have a ‘how-to-build’ manual so I enjoy sorting out exactly how it was done in the past, by the factory. With 30 years of experience and my passion for Italian (rally) cars, I like to design a project from start to finish. It’s like a super complex puzzle which will, at the end, have all its pieces put together. After years of completing all kinds of these puzzles, I chose to focus on the car that I love the most: the Lancia Delta Integrale. In which we have invested thousands of hours of now, and counting. In short, what we do at MCC Rally is making what’s already great even greater, whilst sticking to the original specs and aesthetics.”

Marco Geeratz
Founder & Head of Marketing

“Frank and I met in 2015, when I bought a Lancia Lambda 7th series (1928) and I needed someone who would be able to restore it. We shared the same unconditional, unwarranted admiration and love for the project. We chose to enhance every technical aspect of the car. However, we purposely chose to keep its aesthetic imperfections untouched, making it this obscurely perfected pre-war time machine. After the completion, Frank told me about his passion for the Lancia Delta Integrale. After which I chose to purchase a Delta HF 8V and started competing in rally’s. From that moment on, our philosophy and cooperation has taken a big leap. Now, MCC Rally builds cars to the highest possible technical standards for Maturo Cars, and more.”